inquiry, discovery, insight

Since 2003 Sando and Associates has been helping clients develop innovative insights and a deeper understanding of their markets. We specialize in qualitative research guided by lengthy training in the social science of anthropology. Whether the audience you serve consists of consumers, members, clients or citizens, viewing the world through their eyes is a catalyst for fresh understanding and insights that can be applied to:

  • New Product or Service Innovation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Communication and Positioning
  • Customer Experience
  • Strategic Direction
  • Creative Problem Resolution
  • Program Evaluation

To get your organization moving in the right direction, we draw on a wide variety of qualitative methods that will generate insights about the target market, audience or organizational process.

Good qualitative research requires thoughtful preparation and deep analysis of data. Often the biggest insights are not just about the market, but also about the organization, and the shared assumptions that may be holding it back. These “discovered problems” can be significant opportunities to improve your customer satisfaction.